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Across the globe PHYWE is one of the preferred suppliers for all products and services needed for the teaching of pure science and its technical applications in schools, colleges and universities. PHYWE solutions are outstanding in terms of quality, innovation and value for money. They are continuously useful and of great value to all their users.

Hot topic Computed Tomography

computed tomography - ctDiscover the incredible possibilities of the set computed tomography using digital X-ray camera:


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All about XRCT 4.0

Student experimental system TESS

Our training and experimental system for students (TESS) allows you to perform more than 400 experiments in up to 16 languages in the subjects physics, chemistry, biology and applied sciences.


Highlight product: XRCT 4.0

computed tomography - ctComputed Tomography – Professional CT for education. Discover the fundamental principles of computed tomography (CT) with the aid of a state of the art system whose technology is currently used in medical and industrial applications.


Hot topic compact MRT

PHYWE's Compact MRT is a world first - specifically adapted to practical courses and lectures. In terms of its major aspects, the entire technology can be compared to that of large MRI scanners.


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