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A remarkable source of electric current

A remarkable source of electric current

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The discovery and further development of galvanic elements, better known as batteries, is of great importance for humankind. It has enables mobile power supply of various electrical devices, which is a big part of our today's living standard. The functionality of a battery is based on a unifying principle - the difference in electrical standard potentials of metals and elements. The electrical current, produced by a battery, can be determined with the help of the standard potentials of the used metals.

Students produce a galvanic cell by inserting a copper and zinc electrode into a potato. They measure the electrical current generated by the galvanic cell (potato battery) with a measuring instrument.


What you can learn about

  • Principle of a galvanic cell
  • Functionalities of a battery



  • Easy teaching and efficient learning by using interactive experimentation PHYWE-Software
  • Experiment is part of a complete solution set with experiments for the topic Electrochemistry matched with international curriculum: all topics are covered


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