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Absorption of thermal radiation through black and white bodies

Absorption of thermal radiation through black and white bodies

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There are three types of heat transfer by means of which thermal energy is transferred from a hot body to a colder body. Matter is necessary for thermal conduction and thermal convection with the aid of which this transfer takes place. Thermal radiation does not require matter. This is also the case with regard to the radiation of the sun which travels through space.

How much energy an object absorbs depends on the color of its surface. A black tube and a test tube are filled with water in an experiment and illuminated with an incandescent bulb. The heating of the water is measured.


  • Optimised for demonstration experiments: Transformation from horizontal into vertical direction
  • Demonstrative measurement value indication using Cobra4 MobileLink2 with large-scale display
  • Secure fastening of burners and hot vessels
  • Glass equipment, liquid levels and flowing liquids can be observed easily on the plain background
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