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Adapter, BNC-plug/socket 4 mm

Adapter, BNC-plug/socket 4 mm

Item no.: 07542-26

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Function and Applications

Adapter to connect two cables with 4 mm plugs to a BNC socket

Experiment Item no.
Stabilisation of the operating point of a transistor ampli-fier stage P1401600
Moment of inertia and angular acceleration with a precision pivot bearing P2131305
Mechanical conservation of energy/ Maxwell's wheel P2131800
Propagation of a periodically excited continuous transverse wave P2133200
Vibration of strings P2150100
Diffraction at a slit and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle P2230100
Diffraction of light at a slit and an edge P2230200
Diffraction intensity due to multiple slits and grids P2230400
Diffraction intensity at a slit and at a wire - Babinet's theorem P2230600
Polarisation through quarter-wave plates P2250100
Capacitance of metal spheres and of a spherical capacitor P2420300
Dielectric constant of different materials P2420600
Inductance of solenoids P2440301
Rectifier circuits P2440700
RC filters P2440801
Chromatographic separation processes: Gas chromatography with Cobra4 P3031760
Nernst equation with Cobra4 P3060962
Redox Volumetric Titration: Cerimetry with Cobra4 P3121060
Briggs-Rauscher reaction with Cobra4 - classical clock reaction P3121660
DEMO advanced Electronics necessary accessories 15572-01
Stefan-Boltzmann's law of radiation with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P2350164
Neural networks with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P4010964
Diffraction intensity of multiple slits and grids P2230401
Cobra4 Xpert-Link set of cables 12625-10
Characteristic curves of semiconductors with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P2410964
Fractional distillation with the bubble tray column with Cobra4 P3031660
The nerve cell with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P4010764
Nerve cell interactions with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P4010864
Stern-Gerlach experiment P2511101

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