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  • PHYWE Demo Multimeter ADM 3
  • PHYWE Demo Multimeter ADM 3
PHYWE Demo Multimeter ADM 3 PHYWE Demo Multimeter ADM 3

PHYWE Demo Multimeter ADM 3

Item no.: 13840-00

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Function and Applications

The universal demonstration measurement device for measurements of current, voltage, resistance, and temperature. Battery powered electronic analogue measuring instrument with measuring amplifier and 9 selectable scales for 75 measuring ranges. All values can be displayed as digital value.


  • The universal demo measuring device for natural science education
  • NEW: Analogue and digital multimeter in one device
  • NEW: Display of current, voltage, resistance and temperature
  • NEW: Direct temperature measurement for NiCr-Ni probes
  • NEW: 12 V scale matching the supply voltage of many common experiments
  • NEW: 75 measuring ranges with fast switching scales by the press of a button
  • NEW: High contrast, large illuminated screen readable throughout the room
  • NEW: Serves as wireless large-scale display for all Cobra4 sensors
  • Convenient for teachers with control elements and an additional display on the back panel
  • Electronic overload protection for all measuring ranges
  • Continuous operation of up to 10 h due to high-capacity battery
  • Power-saving stand-by mode after approx. 60 min
  • Extra-safe for operation by students
  • Future-proof thanks to firmware update support

Equipment and Technical Data

  • 9 scales for 75 measuring ranges
  • Direct/alternating voltage: 1 mV…10 kV
  • Direct/alternating current: 3µA…10 A
  • Resistance: 0…10 MΩ
  • Temperature: −200 °C…1200 °C (also in °F and K)
  • Input impedance: 10 MΩ / 1 GΩ
  • Accuracy: ±1,5 % of upper range value
  • Frequency range: 2 Hz…100 kHz
  • Battery run-time: approx. 10 h
  • Display: 10 inch, illuminated
  • Casing dimensions: 385 mm x 329 mm x 190 mm
  • Shock-resistant plastic case with retractable handle
  • Display of measurement values via step motor driven needle
  • Digital large-scale display of external sensor values
  • Back panel with secondary display
  • USB interface for firmware updates
  • Extensive overload protection
  • Including power supply
Experiment Item no.
DEMO advanced Electricity nece 15570-01
DEMO advanced Electromagnetism and induction, 15571-01
Electrolytic deposition and quantity of electricity (Fara-day's first law) P1147500
Hydrogen in the redox series: normal hydrogen electrode P1148400
Faraday's laws P1309500
Molten-salt electrolysis P1310500
Voltage measurement P1380200
Current measurement P1380300
Conductors and non-conductors P1380400
Series and parallel connection of sources of voltage P1380600
Ohm's law P1381000
The resistance of wires - dependence on the length andcross-section P1381100
The resistance of wires- dependence on the material and tem-perature P1381200
The resistivity of wires P1381300
Current and resistance in a parallel connection P1381400
Current and resistance in a series connection P1381500
Voltage in a series connection P1381600
The potentiometer P1381700
The internal resistance of a voltage source P1381800
The power and work of the electric current P1381900
Capacitors in direct current circuits P1382000
Charging and discharging a capacitor P1382100
Capacitors in alternating current circuits P1382200
Diodes as electrical valves P1382300
Characteristics of a silicon diode P1382500
Properties of solar cells - dependence on the illuminance P1382600
The current-voltage characteristic of a solar cell P1382700
Series and parallel connection of solar cells - open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current P1382800
Series and parallel connection of solar cells - current-vol-tage characteristics and power ET 5.7 P1382900
The transistor as a direct current amplifier P1383200
The current-voltage characteristic of a transistor P1383300
The transistor as a switch P1383400
The PNP transistor P1383600
Conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy P1396700
Conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy andvice versa P1396800
Conductivity of aqueous solutions of electrolytes P1396900
The connection between current and voltage in conductiveprocesses in liquids P1397000
Electrolysis P1397100
Galvanisation P1397200
Galvanic cells P1397300
The lead accumulator P1397400
The permanent magnet motor P1398500
The series motor P1398600
The shunt motor P1398700
Generation of induced voltages with a permanent magnet P1398900
Generation of induced voltages with an electromagnet P1399000
The alternating current generator P1399100
The direct current generator P1399200
Lenz's law P1399300
The behaviour of a direct current generator under load P1399400
Voltage transformation P1399500
Current transformation P1399600
Self-induction when switching a circuit off P1400000
The coil in the alternating current circuit P1400100
The NTC resistor P1400600
The PTC resistor P1400700
Characteristic curve of a Zener diode P1400900
The Zener diode as voltage stabiliser P1401000
Light-emitting diodes P1401100
Photo diodes P1401200
Bridge rectifiers P1401300
Stabilisation of the operating point of a transistor ampli-fier stage P1401600
The Darlington circuit P1402000
Determination of the plane of P1412401
Linear expansion of a wire (with support material) P1427202
The series motor (with the demonstration generator system) P1433402
The shunt motor (with the demonstration generator system) P1433502
Generation of induced voltage with a permanent magnet (witha demonstration coil) P1433602
The alternating current generator (with the demonstrationmotor-generator system) P1433702
The direct current generator (with the demonstration motor-generator system) P1433802
Voltage transformation (with a set-up transformer) P1434102
Current transformation (with a set-up transformer) P1434202
Waltenhofen Pendulum P1298500
Enthalpy and entropy as driving forces of chemical reactions P1136300

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