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Analysis of plant pigments with Cobra SMARTsense

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Not only flowers of plants but also their fruits and leaves are colored due to pigments. In this experiment, the different pigments of flowers and leaves are investigated. This experiment is performed with a colorimeter. This device sends light of a certain wavelength through a solution and measures by how much the intensity has decreased after passing through the solution.


  • Especially understandable and didactically prepared description of the experiment (reference to everyday life etc.) including protocol questions.
  • Future-oriented teaching: Integration into digital science lessons with tablets or smartphones.
  • Increased motivation of students by using the intuitive measureAPP.
  • Increased media competence.
  • Compact, easily transportable experimental set-up

  • suitable for demo experiments and practical training

  • Flexible test execution thanks to wireless data transmission


  • Pupils and students are to extract various plant dyes and measure their absorption with a colorimeter.
  • Pupils and students should bring different plants for this purpose.

Learning Objectives

In this experiment, the students should understand how colors of plants are created in a physical way.

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