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Ballistic pendulum

Ballistic pendulum

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Functions and Applications

For demonstrating projectile motion and for quantitative investigation of trajectories, in particular for determining the height and range of a projectile as a function of the angle and absolut value of the initial velocity of the projectile. With the ballistic pendulum the momentum of the projectile can be determined.

The Ballistic Pendulum consists of

  • Ballistic Unit (11229-10)
  • Ballistic Pendulum for Ballistic Unit (11229-20)

The projectile unit consists of a framed and painted metal plate with antiskid adjustable feet and a hinged angle scale on which the catapult can be easily mounted for projectile experiments. With the aid of a tension lever, three different pitches (three projectile velocities) can be set for the spring catapult and released manually via a pull lever. The balls (iron balls and a wooden ball with an iron core) are held in place by a magnetic holder. The projectile velocities can be determined directly using the recommended velocity measuring attachment (11229-30). The landing points for determining the projectile range are marked with the aid of a recording strip (11221-01).
The ballistic pendulum consists of a pendulum rod with trailing pointer, conic weight with knurled screw for ejecting the trapped ball. When not in use,the pendulum can be fixed to the rear of the ballistic unit.


  • Reproducible projectile ranges up to 3 m (scatter of the projectile ranges approx. 1%)
  • Continuously variable projection angle between 0° and 90°
  • Selection of three different initial velocities
  • Two balls with different masses but with the same diameter
  • Verifying the energy principle and the principle of linear momentum
  • Demonstration of the difference between elastic and inelastic collision
  • Determination the speed of the ball
  • Varying the pendulum's mass and thereby the pendulum's centre of gravity, using additional weights

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Tabletop unit with launcher with 3 selectable initial velocities
  • Swivelling angle scale
  • Plug-in device for speed measurement attachment
  • Release angle: 0 ... 90 degrees; scale division: 1 degree
  • Trajectory Range: max. 3 m (deviation 1%)
  • Dimensions (mm): 600 x 385
  • Including one steel and one wooden ball; diameter: 20 mm

Necessary Accessories

  • Velocity measuring attachment (11229-30)
  • Recording strip (11221-01)
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