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  • Ballistic Unit
  • Ballistic Unit
Ballistic Unit Ballistic Unit

Ballistic Unit

Item no.: 11229-10

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Function and Applications

For demonstrating projectile motion and for quantitative investigation of the laws of projection, in particular for determining the range of a projectile as a function of the projectile angle and the initial velocity of the projectile.


The catapult included in the extent of delivery can be used to:

  • Achieve reproducible projectile ranges up to 3 m (scatter of the projectile ranges approx. 1%)
  • Set a continuously variable projection angle between 0° and 90°- to select three projection speeds
  • Use two balls with different masses but with the same diameter

Equipment and Technical Data

  • With catapult and fixed storage for two balls d = 20 mm (wooden ball with iron core and steel ball 02502.01),
  • Dimensions 600 mm × 380 mm
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Optional Accessories
Speed measuring attachment 11229-30
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