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Barrel base expert

Barrel base expert

Item no.: 02004-55

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Function and Applications

Barrel base for round rods


  • powder-coated steel

Equipment and technical data

  • Base surface: 60 mm diameter
  • Height: 55 mm
  • Weight: approx. 1135 g
  • Diameter of opening: 13 mm
Experiment Item no.
DEMO advanced Radioactivity necessary accessories 15590-01
Electrostatic flue gas cleaning P1309200
Generation of interferences with a Fresnel biprism P1411301
Generation of interferences with a Fresnel double mirror P1411401
Lloyd's mirror experiment P1411501
Diffraction at a slit P1411801
Diffraction at a double slit P1411901
Diffraction at multiple slits P1412001
Diffraction at a stripe - Babinet's theorem P1412101
Diffraction at circular obstacles and circular apertures - P1412201
Diffraction at an edge P1412301
Hydrostatic pressure measurement P1423200
Capillary action (with support material) P1424902
Resonance and natural frequency of two tuning forks P1426300
Electric charge P1432700
The electric charge quantity (with an electroscope) P1432801
Static forces between electric P1432900
Electrostatic induction (with an electroscope) P1433001
High-voltage line P1434300
Hooke's law P2130101
Projectile motion P2131100
Projectile motion with measure Dynamics P2131180
Moment of inertia and angular acceleration with Cobra4 and a precision pivot bearing P2131363
Centrifugal force P2131601
Laws of gyroscopes/ 3-axis gyroscope P2131900
Moments of inertia of different bodies/ Steiner's theorem with Cobra4 P2132860
Vibration of strings P2150100
Velocity of sound in air with Universal Counter P2150305
Acoustic Doppler effect with universal counter P2150405
Measurement of the speed of sound in air with Cobra4 P2153060
Index of refraction, dipersion, and resolving power of a prism spectroscope P2210500
Diffraction of light at a slit and an edge P2230200
Photometric law of distance with Cobra4 - inverse square law P2240260
Helium Neon laser, basic set P2260701
Stefan-Boltzmann's law of radiation with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P2350164
Emittance of hot bodies (Leslie cube) P2350400
Characteristic curves of a sol P2410901
Electric fields and potentials in the plate capacitor P2420100
Capacitance of metal spheres and of a spherical capacitor P2420300
Coulomb potential and Coulomb field of metal spheres P2420500
Determination of the earth's magnetic field P2430100
Magnetic field of single coils / Biot-Savart's law with a teslameter P2430201
Magnetic field of paired coils in a Helmholtz arrangement with a teslameter P2430301
Magnetic field outside a straight conductor P2430500
Magnetic field inside a conductor with digital function generator P2430605
Ferromagnetic hysteresis with Cobra4 P2430760
Conservation of Energy in Reflection and Transmission of Microwaves P2460601
Balmer series/ determination of Rydberg's constant P2510700
Atomic spectra of two-electron system: He, Hg P2510800
Ionizing effect of X-radiation P2540040
Determination of the heating values of solid and gaseous fuels in a horizontal calorimeter P3021301
Determination of the heat of formation for CO2 and CO (Hess' law) P3021601
Hess's law with Cobra4 P3021661
Coulomb's law/ image charge P2420405
DEMO advanced physics set: Diffraction and interference on t 15565-88
Fine structure: one and two el P2510601
Moment of inertia and angular acceleration with a precision pivot bearing P2131305
Moments P2120100
Michelson interferometer P2220501
Coherence and width of spectral lines with the Michelson interferometer P2220601
Light barrier set for air track 11203-88
Complete Set Phyics Experiments in Vacuum 02660-88
Dispersion and resolving power of a grating spectroscope P2210301
Interference experiment P2220101
Propagation of Microwaves (Inverse Square Law) P2460403
Conservation of Energy in Reflection and Transmission of Microwaves P2460603
High-voltage line P1434305
Moments of inertia and torsional vibrations P2133100
XR 4.0 X-ray dosimetry upgrade set 09175-88

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