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  • Beaker, Borosilicate, tall form, 250 ml
  • Beaker, Borosilicate, tall form, 250 ml
Beaker, Borosilicate, tall form, 250 ml Beaker, Borosilicate, tall form, 250 ml

Beaker, Borosilicate, tall form, 250 ml

Item no.: 46027-00

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Beaker, high, with graduation and spout


Equipment and Technical Data


  • content: 250 ml
  • material: borosilicate glass 3.3
Experiment Item no.
Glycolysis (pressure measurement) with Cobra4 P4110460
Enzymatic activity of catalase with Cobra4 P4120660
Photosynthesis (bubble counting method) with Cobra4 P4110160
Student set Inorganic chemistry, TESS advanced Chemistry 15301-88
Set gas laws with glass jacket, 230 V 43003-88
Cobra4 Sensor-Unit Drop Counter 12636-88
Equipment 69815-65
Osmosis - dependence of the osmotic pressure on the concentration P1135700
Enthalpy and entropy as driving forces of chemical reactions P1136300
Properties of lithium, sodium and potassium P1137300
Graphite and diamond P1142200
Properties of aluminium P1143400
Production of metal alloys P1143901
Electrical conductivity of solutions of salts P1145700
Dependence of the reaction velocity on the concentration (Landolt reaction) P1149300
Detection of quinine in tonic water P1259800
Model experiment on the desulphurisation of flue gas P1310000
Molten-salt electrolysis P1310500
Viscosity of Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids (rotary viscometer) P2140300
Determining the molecular weight of a polymer from intrinsic viscosity measurements P3010601
Boiling point elevation - Raoult's law P3021001
Boiling point elevation - Raoult's law with Cobra4 P3021060
Determination of molar masses via a measurement of the boiling point elevation (ebullioscopy) P3021900
Dissociation equilibrium with Cobra4 P3030960
Steam distillation P3031251
Fractional distillation with the bubble tray column with Cobra4 P3031660
Temperature dependence of conductivity with Cobra4 P3060560
Conductivity of strong and weak electrolytes with Cobra4 P3060660
Titration curves and buffering capacity with Cobra4 P3061660
Electrogravimetric determination of copper P3062201
Preparation of p-toluenesulfonic acid P3101500
Sulphur trioxide - the sulphuric acid contact process P3110400
Cracking of hydrocarbons P3110800
Avogadro's law P3111000
Redox Volumetric Titration: Cerimetry with Cobra4 P3121060
Ionic permeability of the cell membrane with Cobra4 P4120260
Carbon dioxide, preparation and properties P7153900
Rusting- "slow combustion" P7154300
Solutions, colloids, suspensions P7154800
Solubility of salts in water - comparison with the solubili-ty of gases in water P7154900
Water treatment in sewage treatment plants P7155100
Hardness of water P7155200
Water, an oxide P7155400
Synthesis of water P7155600
Mineral constituents of plants P7156000
Hydrogen in the redox series: normal hydrogen electrode P1148400
Enzymatic activity of catalase with Cobra SMARTsense P4120669
Determination of the molar masses of metals P1309462
Necessary accessories for Basic set Biochemistry & plant physiology 65980-77
Photosynthesis (bubble counting method) with CobraSMARTsense P4110169
Glycolysis (pressure measurement) with Cobra SMARTsense P4110469
Student set Biochemistry and Plant Physiology BPS 15620-88D
Ionic permeability of the cell membrane with Cobra SMARTsense P4120269

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