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  • Biofuel set, leXsolar
  • Biofuel set, leXsolar
  • Biofuel set, leXsolar
Biofuel set, leXsolar Biofuel set, leXsolar Biofuel set, leXsolar

Biofuel set, leXsolar

Item no.: 66012-00

leXsolar GmbH
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Function and Applications 

The whole process of producing biodiesel is exemplified in this interdisciplinary complete experiment set. The transport case is equipped with all required components to perform the following experiments: production of bioethanol by biotechnological processes, production of biodiesel, alcoholic fermentation, distillation. What is more, with this experiment set it is possible to generate electrical energy from the produced bioethanol using the included ethanol fuel cell and measuring its yield with the potentiometer module and motor module.


  • Up-to-date topic: biotechnological generation of renewable energy
  • Interdisciplinary subject with relevance in biology, chemistry, physics
  • Complete set, no additional components required
  • Can be used everywhere as all components are included in transport case

Equipment and Technical Data

Scope of delivery in transport case (dimensions: 64 x 37 x 17 cm):

For the production of bioethanol:

  • Erlenmeyer flask with  distilling head
  • Condenser
  • Fermentation airlock 
  • Alcohol meter
  • Aerometer
  • Dry yeast 
  • Bunsen burner 
  • Stand material
  • Additional auxiliary material
  • Detailed manual for students and instructors on CD-ROM

For the generation of electrical energy from bioethanol:

  • Ethanol fuel cell 
  • Potentiometer module
  • Motor module

 (The Bunsen burner is not provided if the set is delivered by air freight. Order item no. 32180-00 separately.)


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Biofuel set, necessary equipment/chemicals 66012-88

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