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blueGel gel - electrophoresis unit with inbuilt illuminator

blueGel gel - electrophoresis unit with inbuilt illuminator

Item no.: 35016-99

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Function and use
DNA analysis has never been so simple and clear. The blueGel™ gel electrophoresis system allows the visualization of DNA separation while it is being performed. The latest LED technology makes UV light superfluous. The included foldable darkroom allows filming and photographing with your own smart phone. Gel electrophoresis finally without high voltage, the 48V power supply is included. Together with the 3-in-1 agarose tablets (order number: 35018-61), DNA analysis can be performed safely and easily. The tablets contain agarose, TBE and a harmless fluorescent dye - simply add water, boil it up, and you're done.

-Live observation by LED technology and use of a harmless fluorescent dye.
-Saving of material by analysis of 26 samples with one run of a 20 ml gel.
-Complete system: Running chamber with LED, power supply, buffer chamber, casting system and combs.
-Safe: Operating voltage of 48 V and with automatic power cut-off when the lid is removed.
-Robust and equipped with high-quality, wear-free electrodes

Equipment and technical data
-Integrated blue light transilluminator
-Dimensions and weight: 23 cm x 10 cm x 7 cm, about 350 g
-For gels of the size 60 x 60 mm (about 20 ml)
-platinum and stainless steel electrodes
-Required buffer: 25 ml TBE or TAE (TBE recommended)
-Included accessories: darkening hood, 2 combs for 9 or 13 bags each, power supply unit, pump spray with microfibre cloth against fogged up covers,
-Storage bag
-mains voltage: 100-240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
-operating voltage: 48 V

Necessary accessories
-GelGreen® Agarose Tabs™, 3-in-1 Agarose Tablets, 15 pieces, for gel electrophoresis (35018-61)
-Bacterial plasmid DNA in gel electrophoresis (KLA-530-100)
-Electrophoresis of Lambda-DNA (KLA-530-110)
-Genetic Fingerprint Kit (KLA-530-120)
-Paternity analysis test kit (KLA-530-130)
-TBE electrophoresis buffer, 500 ml, 10-fold conc. (KLA-530-223)

Optional accessories
-stand for disposable reaction vessels (37652-00)




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