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Centripetal acceleration with

Centripetal acceleration with

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Two-dimensional movements make it apparent that force, acceleration and velocity are vectorial quantities. The movement of a body on a path is an important special case of such movement. In this case it is beneficial to look at the quantities in their components tangentially and radially to the circular path, since the amount of acceleration in the tangential direction determines the change in speed. The amount of acceleration in radial direction - called centripetal acceleration - is responsible that the body does not move along a straight line, but that the direction of the velocity changes. Since the acceleration measures three spatial directions at the same time, tangential and radial acceleration can be examined as well. As figure 1 shows, one axis of the sensor on a circular path is always in radial direction, the other one always in tangential direction. Through the measurements of acceleration the dependencies on centripetal acceleration can be examined directly.


  • Wireless connection with Cobra4 Wireless/USB-Link enbables accurate datalogging
  • Automatic sensor identification and loadabel preconfigurations with the software measureLAB
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