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Cobra DigiCart Expert Set (without DigiCarts)

Cobra DigiCart Expert Set (without DigiCarts)

Item no.: 12940-20

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Function and Applications
Track and full equipment for use with the Cobra DigiCart.

  • The DigiCart (sold separetely) is a portable and easy to use physics LAB
  • Together with this set you can perform 8 experiments on the topics:
    • Theory of movement
    • Movement on a tilted plane
    • Newtons Laws
    • Momentum/Momentumconservation
    • Elastic/inelastic collisions
    • Energyconservation
    • Electromagnetic Damping
    • Oscilations and Resonanz
  • Thus the experiments alow you to intoduce the concepts of velocity, momentum, force, acceleration and energy.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • 1,2m Track that is adjustable in tild angle
  • Controlable Vibrationgenerator with Digital Display
  • Elektromagnetic Starter
  • Equipment for performing 12 experiments with the DigiCart (Cart sold seperately).

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