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Cobra SMARTsense - CO2, 0 ... 100000 ppm (Bluetooth + USB)

Cobra SMARTsense - CO2, 0 ... 100000 ppm (Bluetooth + USB)

Item no.: 12932-01

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Function and Applications
All-in-One Sensor for wireless data acquisition via Bluetooth 4. Suitable for tablets (iOS and Android) and smartphones (Android) in combination with the free App PHYWE measure.

Poor air quality due to a high proportion of carbon dioxide in the indoor air reduces concentration and performance. Use this sensor to measure the carbon content of the air and the influence of, for example, the photosynthesis of indoor plants.


  • All-in-One device, no interface needed
  • Plug & Play: Just switch on and start to measure
  • Latest technology: Bluetooth 4
  • Perfectly tuned to PHYWE student experiments
  • Automatic sensor recognition
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Range: 0 ... 100000 ppm
  • Resolution: 2 ppm
  • Samplerate: 1 Hz

Necessary accessory: Plug with hole for use with reaction vessels (12932-10)

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