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Cobra SMARTsense - Temperature, - 40 ... 120 °C

Cobra SMARTsense - Temperature, - 40 ... 120 °C

Item no.: 12903-00

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Function and Applications
All-in-One Sensor for wireless data acquisition via Bluetooth 4. Suitable for tablets (iOS and Android) and Smartphones (Android) in combination with the free App PHYWE measure.

  • All-in-One device, no interface needed
  • Plug & Play: Just switch on and start to measure
  • Latest technology: Bluetooth 4
  • Perfectly tuned to PHYWE student experiments
  • Automatic sensor recognition
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Range: -40 ... 120 °C
  • Resolution: 0.01 °C
  • Samplerate: 10 Hz

Water resistant according to IP67. Sensor requires a batterie (CR2032) which is not included.


Experiment Item no.
The heat effect of electric current with SMARTsense P6101569
We visit a wastewater treatmen plant with SMARTsense P1521669
Comparison of soil and air temperatures with SMARTsense P1520969
Weather observation with SMARTsense P1520469
Evaporation with SMARTsense P1045169
Specific heat capacity of metals with SMARTsense P1044269
Temperature of mixtures and heat capacity of the calorimeter P1044169
Specific heat capacity of water with SMARTsense P1043969
Heating of various liquids with SMARTsense P1043869
Heating of water with SMARTsense P1043769
Thermal insulation with SMARTsense P1043669
Thermal equilibrium with SMARTsense P1042269
Student set Food chemistry digital, TESS advanced Chemistry 15306-88D
Student set Chemistry of polymers digital, TESS advanced Chemistry 15305-88D
Student set Organic chemistry digital, TESS advanced Chemistry 15304-88D
Student set Acids, Bases, Salts digital, TESS advanced Chemistry 15302-88D
Student set Inorganic chemistry digital, TESS advanced Chemistry 15301-88D
Student set General Chemistry digital, TESS advanced Chemistry 15300-88D
Student set General biology digital, TESS advanced Biology 15296-88D
Student set Renewable energy 1, Basics and thermal energydigital, TESS advanced Applied Sciences 15287-88D
Student set Heat 1 digital, TESS advanced Physics 15274-88D
Student set Substances in everyday usedigital, TESS beginner Sciences 15234-88D
Student set Heat digital, TESS beginner Sciences 15235-88D
Student set Water digital, TESS beginner Sciences 15233-88D
Glycolysis (temperature measurement) with Cobra4 P4110569
Title Item no.
Required Accessories
Button Cell CR2032, 3V (5 pieces) 07922-16
Optional Accessories
curricuLAB measureAPP 14581-61

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