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Cobra4 Sensor-Unit 2 x Temperature, NiCr-Ni

Cobra4 Sensor-Unit 2 x Temperature, NiCr-Ni

Item no.: 12641-00

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Function and Applications

The Cobra4 Sensor-Unit 2 x Temperature NiCr-Ni is a temperature probe, which is controlled by a micro-controller.


  • It can be fitted with two NiCr-Ni thermoelements (type K), in order to measure up to two temperatures simultaneously or to measure a temperature difference
  • The Cobra4 Sensor-Unit 2 x Temperature NiCr-Ni can be connected to the Cobra4 Wireless-Link, the Cobra4 Mobile-Link, the Cobra4 USB-Link or the Cobra4 Junior-Link using a secure and reliable plug-in / lockable connection.

Equipment and technical data

  • Temperature measuring range: -200..+1200 °C
  • Resolution: 0.1 K
  • Measuring accuracy: equal to the accuracy of the gauges used
  • Data flow rate: 5 Hz
  • Dimensions: approx. 62 mm x 63 mm
  • Weight: 85 g


For the measurement of temperature the following accessories are needed:

Thermocouple NiCr-Ni -40...+500° C single type, 13615-02
or Thermocouple NiCr-Ni -50...+1100° C microsheath, 13615-01
or Immersion probe NiCr-Ni -50...+1000° C stainless steel, 13615-03
or Immersion probe NiCr-Ni -50...+300° C Teflon, 13615-05
or Surface probe NiCr-Ni up to +1000° C stainless steel, 13615-04

Experiment Item no.
Heat capacity of metals with Cobra4 P2330160
Fractional distillation with the bubble tray column with Cobra4 P3031660
Conversion of thermal energy into electrical energy and motion P9501260
Conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy P9501360
Influence of the surface on the absorption of solar energy P9503160
The greenhouse effect P9503260
Heating water in a solar collector P9503360
Faraday efficiency and energetic efficiency of a PEMelectrolyser P9504260
Peltier effect: Cooling engine P9507160
Peltier effect: Heat pump P9507260
Pilot experiment for the use of ambient heat with the help o the peltier heat pump P9507360
Heating water using a parabolic trough P9508160
Model of a field of a parabolic troughs P9508260
Cobra4 extension set for renewable energy: electric parameters, temperature 15608-88
Faraday efficiency and energetic efficiency of a PEM fuel cell P9504660
Linear expansion of solid bodies P1291500
Absorption of thermal radiation through black and white bodies P1427801
Specific heat capacity of solids P1428901
Thermal conduction in water P1429400
Glycolysis (temperature measurement) with Cobra4 P4110560
Thermal equilibrium with measureAPP P1042268
Thermal insulation with measureAPP P1043668
Heating of water with measureAPP P1043768
Heating of various liquids with measureAPP P1043868
Specific heat capacity of metals with measureAPP P1044268
Calorimetric temperature measu P1044368
Conversion of mechanical energ P1044468
Melting and freezing curve of P1044668
Evaporation with measureAPP P1045168
Cobra4 extension set for TESS 15285-88
Specific heat capacity of water with measureAPP P1043968
Gay-Lussac's law P1292400
Charles's (Amontons') law and Gay-Lussac's law P1292500
Temperature of mixtures and heat capacity of the calorimeter with measureAPP P1044168
Volume expansion of liquids P1291300
Preparing a thermometer scale P1291400
Volume expansion of gases at constant pressure P1291600
Pressure increase during the heating of gases with constantvolume P1291700
Heat conduction in solid bodies P1291900
Anomaly of water P1427000
Melting of ice P1427900
Thermal energy and heated mass P1428500
Measurement of the mixing temperature P1428600

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