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Cobra4 Sensor-Unit Radioactivity

Cobra4 Sensor-Unit Radioactivity

Item no.: 12665-00

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Function and Applications

The Cobra4 Sensor-Unit Radioactivity allows the measurement of radioactive radiation (alpha, beta and gamma) with the aid of a Geiger-Mueller counter tube. The Sensor-Unit also supplies the counter tube with the necessary supply voltage and is controlled by a micro-controller.


  • It can be fitted with 3 different counter tubes
  • Variable counter tube voltage to investigate the characteristics of the counter tube
  • Integrated speaker for acoustic signal of the counted pulses
  • The unit can be connected to the Cobra4 Wireless-Link, the Cobra4 Mobile-Link, the Cobra4 Junior-Link or the Cobra4 USB-Link using a secure and reliable plug-in / lockable connection

Equipment and technical data

  • Measurement mode: pulses per minute, pulses per second, pulses absolute
  • Measurement ranges:
    0 ... 64 000 #/s
    0 ... 999 999 #/min
    0 ... 64 000 #
  • Gate time (adjustable): 1 ... 100 s
  • Adjustable tube voltage (300 - 600 V, in steps of 1 V)
  • Maximum data rate: 1 Hz
  • Integrated speaker for acoustic signal of the counted pulses
  • BNC-plug for connection with standard Geiger-Mueller counters
  • Dimensions (mm): 110 x 63 x 35
  • Weight: 120 g

Necessary Accessories

Counter tubes:

  • GM counter 45 mm 09007-00 and shielded cable, BNC, l=750 mm 07542-11
  • GM counter type A 09025-11 and shielded cable, BNC, l=750 mm 07542-11
  • or GM counter type B 09005-00

Measuring units:

  • To connect the sensor to a PC:
    Cobra4 Wireless-Link (12601-00) and Cobra4 Wireless Manger (12600-00) and Software measure Cobra4 (14550-61) for the executing, representation and evaluation of the measurements
    or Cobra4 USB-Link (12610-00) and Software measure Cobra4 (14550-61)
    or Cobra4 Junior-Link (12615-00) and Software measure Cobra4 (14550-61)
    to connect the sensor to a PC
  • For measuring without PC:
    Cobra4 Mobile-Link (12620-10)

Optional Accessories

  • Counter tube holder, with magnet, 09201-00 for counters type A and type B
  • Counter tube holder, with magnet, 09206-00 for counter 45 mm
  • Large scale display 07157-93 and Display-Connect set 12623-88, to use the Cobra4 Mobile-Link for demonstration experiments
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Radioactivity in natural probes

Radioactivity in natural probes

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