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  • Cobra4 Sensor-Unit Timer/Counter
  • Cobra4 Sensor-Unit Timer/Counter
Cobra4 Sensor-Unit Timer/Counter Cobra4 Sensor-Unit Timer/Counter

Cobra4 Sensor-Unit Timer/Counter

Item no.: 12651-00

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Function and Applications

Sensor-Unit of the Cobra4 family. Interface-module with timer and counter functionality for up to four light barriers, one measuring microphone, movement sensor, falling sphere apparatus or other devices with TTL compatible signals. Optionally an external trigger device can be used (switch, starter system for motion track, ...). The Sensor-Unit is connected to a Cobra4 Wireless/USB-Link or a Cobra4 Mobile-Link 2 via a secure and reliable plug-in / lockable connection.


  • linear motion incl. laws of collision with motion and air track
  • free fall with picket fences or falling ball apparatus
  • oscillations
  • rotational motion
  • frequency of acoustical signals


  • With the aid of the intuitive software measure for Cobra4 the single application scenarios can be started comfortably with 10 preset modes
  • All relevant attempts with time measurement and counting are covered
  • The simultaneous observation of the signal level facilitates the understanding of the measured values of light barriers
  • Investigation of complex contexts through combination with other sensors from the Cobra4 family
  • Thanks to radio measurement NO disturbing cable anymore - NEW didactic possibilities through radio transmission (not depending on the location of the PC, moving sensors)

 Equipment and Technical Data

  • Power supply: by a Cobra4 basic device like the Wireless/USB-Link or the Mobile-Link 2. With the included external power supply  when using 3 or more light barriers
  • Current consumption: < 300 mA
  • Resolution: 1 µs
  • Dimensions: (L x B x´H) 125 x 65 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Accessories (included): adapter for light barriers,external power supply


  • Wireless/USB-Link, 12601-10
  • Mobile-Link 2, 12620-10
  • Light barrier, compact (up to 4 light barriers), 11207-20
  • Cobra4 adapter for Sensor-Unit Timer/Counter to connect a light barrier, 12651-01
  • Measuring microphone, 03542-00
  • Movement sensor with cable, 12004-10

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