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Cobra4 Xpert-Link

Cobra4 Xpert-Link

Item no.: 12625-99

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Function and Applications

The Cobra4 Xpert-Link is the perfect measurement device for all demo experiments and for lab courses.


  • measurement instrument for all types of measurements
  • direct measurement of voltage and current, no additional accessories required
  • Datasharing in demo experiments: transfer of measurement data from teacher computer to student tablets
  • Students can use their own computers in the teaching lab
  • many additional quantities can be measured with Cobra4 Sensor-Units from the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and applied sciences
  • can be used as a digital oscilloscope
  • automatic sensor recognition
  • the 4 voltage and current channels measure independently
  • high resolution at large measurement range
  • long-term measurements possible: data amount only limited by size of computer RAM

Equipment and Technical Data

  • includes: Cobra4 Xpert-Link, USB cable
  • 2 current inputs: galvanically isolated, TrueRMS, 2 MHz, 50 kHz live, 14 bit, 0.2 μA ... 10 A, with self-resetting fuse or standard replacement fuse, respectively
  • 2 voltage inputs: galvanically isolated, TrueRMS, 10 MHz, 50 kHz live, 10 μV ... 30 V, AC/DC switch in oscilloscope mode
  • sampling rate: max. 10 MHz with two voltage channels (2xU), max. 2 MHz in combination with current channels (e.g. 2xU, 2xI)
  • pretrigger: variable number of points per channel, burst memory (above 50 kHz): 2 million measurement values
  • 2 trigger inputs: separate start / stop of measurements (TTL level)
  • power supply: 5 V / max. 2 A, e.g. for 2 light barriers
  • software-controlled relay 30 V / 2 A
  • connection of 2 Cobra4 Xpert-Connect adapters
  • USB 2.0 connection to computer
  • power supply integrated, connection voltage: 100 ... 240 V AC, 50 ... 60 Hz
  • power consumption: 28 VA
  • dimensions (length x width x height): 194 mm x 140 mm x 130 mm
  • weight: 2 kg

Necessary accessories

  • measureLAB software to control the Cobra4 Xpert-Link (14580-61) - curently free of charge (unlimited upgrades)


Cobra4 Xpert-Link and measureLAB: short intro

Cobra4 Xpert-Link and measureLAB: short intro