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Column head, with stopcock,  ST 19/26

Column head, with stopcock, ST 19/26

Item no.: 35919-01

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Function and Applications

For connecting a distillation column to a condenser with determination of the separation performance at infinite (no condensate sampling) and finite (with condensate sampling) reflux ratio.


  • Measuring column head vapour temperature
  • Transfer of vapour to a condenser
  • Reflux of the condensate to the column
  • Sampling of small quantities of condensate

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Standard ground cone and sleeve ST 19/26 for connection to column and condenser
  • Threaded connector GL 18/8 for thermometer
  • Tap with Teflon spindle for sampling of condensate
  • Length between cone and sleeve: 100 mm
  • Made of Duran® glass

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