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Compact STM, Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Compact STM, Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Item no.: 09600-99

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 Function and Applications

Easy to use scanning tunneling microscope to image conducting surfaces and to investigate effects and characteristics on atomic and molecular scale. A variety of experiments in the fields of Material Sciences, Solid State Physics/Chemistry, Nanotechnology and Quantum Mechanics can be performed.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Scan head with integrated control-unit on vibration-isolated experimentation board:
    • Maximum scan range (XY) 500 nm x 500 nm
    • Maximum Z-range 200 nm
    • Resolution in XY better than 8 pm
    • Resolution in Z better than 4 pm
    • Current 0.1-100 nA in 25 pA steps
    • Tip voltage +/-10 V in 5 mV steps
    • Dimensions 21 cm x 21 cm x 10 cm
    • Constant-Current Mode
    • Constant-Height Mode
    • Current-Voltage Spectroscopy
    • Current-Distant Spectroscopy
    • Control-Unit with USB socket, 16-Bit
    • DA converter for all three dimensions, up to 7 measurement channels, and maximum scanning speed of 60 ms/line
    • Imaging speed: up to 10 Hz
    • Lithography mode: patterning, modification
    • Sample size: max. 3 mm thickness
    • Data points in spectroscopy mode: up to 65535
  • Scan head cover with magnifying lense: 10 x
  • Toolset for preparing and mounting tunneling tips: side-cutter, tong and tweezers
  • Pt-Ir wire for tunneling tips: length 30 cm, diameter 0.25 mm
  • Sample kit: Graphite (HOPG), Gold (111) films, and 4 spare sample supports
  • Power supply (100-240 V, 50/60 Hz), USB cable
  • Transport case for the instrument and all accessories
  • Software for measuring, analysing and visualisation (one, two, and three dimensions)
  • Interactive teaching software
  • Handbook incl. short description of  experiments
  • Weight (incl. case) 6.7 kg

Required accessories not included:

  • Computer with Windows 7/8/10



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PHYWE Compact STM: introductory movie

PHYWE Compact STM: introductory movie

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