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  • Copper-II sulphate,cryst.  250
  • Copper-II sulphate,cryst.  250
Copper-II sulphate,cryst.  250 Copper-II sulphate,cryst.  250

Copper-II sulphate,cryst. 250

Item no.: 30126-25

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Function and Application

  • Copper-II sulphate

  • CAS-No: 7758-99-8

  • Signalword: Warning

  • Hazard Class: 3.1; 3.2; 3.3; 4.1


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Experiment Item no.
Introduction to the electron transfer reaction P1033000
Osmosis - dependence of the osmotic pressure on the concentration P1135700
Complex salts P1145500
The connection between voltage and current in conductiveprocesses in liquids P1353900
Galvanisation P1354100
Connection between voltage and current in conductive proces-ses in liquids P1375000
Electrolysis P1375160
Galvanisation P1375200
The connection between current and voltage in conductiveprocesses in liquids P1397000
Galvanisation P1397200
Determination of the hydration enthalpy of an electrolyte (solution enthalpy) with Cobra4 P3020761
Dissolution of salts P7151900
Behaviour of salts with regard to solvents of differentpolarities P7152500
Test for water P7155300
Synthesis of water P7155600
Production of gypsum plaster P7155700
Salt formation by precipitation reaction - qualitative determination of chlorids and sulphates P7159700
Osmosis: a "chemical garden" P7160000
The decomposition of organic substances P7170000
Polyhydric alcohols P7172200
Examination of salts P7300300
Protein containing nutrients P8012600
TESS Environment and Outdoors optional acessories for 10 groups 13445-88
TESS advanced Radioactivity RE consumables for 10 groups 13469-88
TESS advanced Electronics EEP 2 consumables for 10 groups 13478-88
TESS advanced Biology consumables for 10 groups 13487-88
Che-exp.,basic chemicals, 6 sets 30579-66
Che-exp.,basic chemicals, 16 sets 30579-77
Che-exp.,basic chemicals, 10 sets 30579-88
Che-exp.,compl.chemicals, 6 sets 30580-66
Che-exp.,compl.chemicals, 16 sets 30580-77
Che-exp.,compl.chemicals, 10 sets 30580-88
Chemicals for demo experiments chemistry, complete set 30590-88
Exp.chem.demo,chemicals suppl. 30591-88
Exp.chem.demo,basic chemicals 30592-88
Chemicals 30815-65
Why is the base metal aluminium so non-corrosive? P7401900
Protecting against corrosion by passification P7402000
Protein containing nutrients P1256101
TESS advanced Electronics Basic Set consumables for 10 group 13471-88
Electrolysis with measureAPP P1375168
Electrogravimetric determination of copper P3062201
Electrolysis with Cobra SMARTsense P1375169
DEMO advanced Electricity necessary accessories 15570-01
DEMO advanced Radioactivity necessary accessories 15590-01
Water quality - contamination with heavy metals P0990162
Radioactivity of potassium P1314700
Lambert Beers law, photometry of copper sulfate P7110160
Water quality - contamination by heavy metals- with Cobra SMARTsense P0990169
Examination of salts with Cobra SMARTsense P7300369

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