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Coulomb's law/ image charge

Coulomb's law/ image charge

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A small electrically charged ball is positioned at a certain distance in front of a metal plate lying at earth potential. The surface charge on the plate due to electrostatic induction together with the charged ball forms an electric field analogous to that which exists between two oppositely charged point charges. The electrostatic force acting on the ball can be measured with a sensitive torsion dynamometer.


  • Experimental visualisation of a fundamental principle of electrodynamics
  • Supplies non-hazardous high voltage
  • Very sensitive measurement of the acting force


  1. Establishment of the relation between the active force and the charge on the ball.
  2. Establishment of the relation between force and distance, ball to metal plate.
  3. Determination of the electric constant.

What you can learn about

  • Electric field
  • Electric field strength
  • Electric flux
  • Electrostatic induction
  • Electric constant
  • Surface charge density
  • Dielectric displacement
  • Electrostatic potential
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