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Cover glasses 18x18 mm, 50 pcs

Cover glasses 18x18 mm, 50 pcs

Item no.: 64685-00

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Function and Applications

Is used for covering preparation. For aqueous preparations, it could delay dehydration. When using immersion oil in the high-resolution microscopy, it prevents mixing of the immersion oil with the preparation.

Equipment and technical data

  • thickness: 0,13 mm
  • dimensions: 18 x 18 mm
  • content: 50 pcs.
Experiment Item no.
Microscopic magnification P1440201
Preparation of temporary microscopic slides P1440301
Manual section technique P1440401
Staining of living organisms P1440501
Rapid staining technique P1440601
Embedding in Canada balsam P1440801
The cell wall of the onion P1441001
The cellular membrane of animal cells P1441101
Chloroplasts in moss leaves P1441201
Chromoplasts P1441301
Vacuole P1441501
Plasmolysis and deplasmolysis P1441601
Protoplasma streaming P1441701
Upper epidermis of a deciduous leaf P1441801
Lower epidermis with guard cells P1441901
Cross-section of a deciduous leaf P1442001
Cross-section of a conifer (gymnosperm) leaf - adaption to arid conditions P1442101
The stem of a dicotyledonous plant - Identification of xylem and phloem tissue P1442201
The stem of a monocotyledonous plant P1442301
Root with root-hair cells P1442401
Cross-section of a plant ovary P1442501
Starch as a nutritional reserve substance in plants P1442601
Wing feathers of birds P1442701
Comparison of raw milk and homogenised milk P1442801
Fish scales in comparison P1442901
Skeletal muscle P1443001
Blood cells P1443101
Kidney P1443201
Liver cells (hepatocytes) P1443301
Fish gills P1443401
Insect wings P1443501
The mouth parts of insects P1443601
Planaria P1443701
Nematoda P1443801
Brine shrimp (Artemia salina) P1443901
Water flea (Daphnia) P1444001
The ciliated epithelium of mussels P1444101
The spore capsules of ferns P1444201
Mould fungi growing on food P1444301
Ciliates in a hay infusion P1444401
Colony-forming ciliates in an aquarium P1444501
Volvox P1444601
Diatoms in moor water P1444701
Radiolaria P1444801
Elementary charge and Millikan experiment P2510100
Equipment 69815-65
Bacteria P1444901
Nucleus and chromosomes - mitosis P1441401
Determination of the microbial count P4140400
Working with the microscope P1440101

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