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Cross-section of a plant ovary

Cross-section of a plant ovary

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Flowers exist in an unimaginably great variety. In nature, in the garden, or in a flower shop you will find flowers in all colors. The parts of a flower so conspicuous to us are the petals. They predominantly serve to attract animals. Other parts of the flower are of importance when seeds develop. The male organ of reproduction is the stamen with the yellow pollen; the female reproductive organ is the carpel which is located in the center of the flower. The upper part of the carpel is the style which takes up the pollen. The lower part is thickened and is referred to as the ovary. It contains the ovule. Frequently, several carpels grow together (syncarpous).


  • Experiment is part of a complete solution set with a total of 50 experiments for all microscopy applications
  • With student worksheet, appropriate for all class levels
  • With detailed instructor information, incl. sample microscopy image
  • Optimized for tight schedules, i.e. minimum preparation time required
  • Microscopy solution set specifically designed to include all required accessories
  • Content available with matching multimedia files
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