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Demo advanced Physics Manual, Mechanics, Acoustics, Heat,Renewable Energy, Electrics, Optics

Demo advanced Physics Manual, Mechanics, Acoustics, Heat,Renewable Energy, Electrics, Optics

Item no.: 01500-02

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Function and Applications

Instructions for more than 100 demonstration experiments at secondary level 1. 87 of these can be carried out in conjunction with the basic equipment set 01510-88.

What you can learn about


  • Physical quantities and characteristics
  • Forces
  • Motion
  • Mechanical forms of energy
  • Mechanics of liquids and gases 


  • Properties of sound, generation and propagation


  • Thermal expansion
  • Transfer of heat
  • Change of state
  • Thermal energy
  • Thermodynamic state variables

Renewable energy

  • Solar cells and solar collectors
  • Fuel cells
  • Energy from hyropower
  • Energy from ambient heat


  • Magnetostatics
  • Electrostatics
  • Electric motors
  • Induction
  • Transformers


  • Propagation of light
  • Mirrors
  • Lenses
  • Optical equipment
  • Colours

Equipment and Technical Data

  • DIN A4 handbook, ring binder, colour, 320 pages


Further demonstration experiments with magnetic demonstration board can be found in the manuals "Natural scíences on the board":

  • Mechanics 1, 01152-02
  • Mechanics 2, 01153-02
  • Heat, 01154-02
  • Electrics/Electronics, 01005-02
  • Optics, 01151-02
  • Radioactivity, 01156-02
Experiment Item no.
Tension energy P1296600
Determination of the volume of liquids and solids P1420000
Determination of the volume of gases P1420100
Determination of the density of solid bodes with equal massand different volume P1420500
Types of friction P1421100
Sliding friction as a function of the weight and area of bearing P1421200
Free fall P1421600
Determination of the gravitational acceleration (with sup-port material) P1421702
Measurement of the hydrostatic pressure with a pressure element P1423100
Hydrostatic pressure measurement P1423200
Positive pressure - negative pressure (with support mate-rial) P1423602
Determination of the atmospheric pressure P1423702
Buoyancy - dependence on the density of the liquid (withsupport material) P1424502
Swimming, floating, sinking P1424700
Capillary action (with support material) P1424902
Resonance and natural frequency of two tuning forks P1426300
Musical intervals P1426500
Volume expansion of solid bodies P1427100
Forces during the expansion of solid bodies P1427400
Distillation P1428300
Steam pressure and atmospheric pressure (with support mate-rial) P1429302
The effect of the magnetic force between magnets P1431900
The magnetic field P1432100
Induced magnetism P1432300
Elementary magnets P1432400
Electrostatic phenomena P1432600
The permanent magnet motor (with the demonstration generatorsystem) P1433302
The series motor (with the demonstration generator system) P1433402
The shunt motor (with the demonstration generator system) P1433502
Generation of induced voltage with a permanent magnet (witha demonstration coil) P1433602
The alternating current generator (with the demonstrationmotor-generator system) P1433702
Voltage transformation (with a set-up transformer) P1434102
Current transformation (with a set-up transformer) P1434202
High-voltage line P1434300
Anomaly of water P1427000
Melting of ice P1427900
Electric charge P1432700
The electric charge quantity (with an electroscope) P1432801
The direct current generator (with the demonstration motor-generator system) P1433802
Static forces between electric P1432900
Electrostatic induction (with an electroscope) P1433001
Absorption of thermal radiation through black and white bodies P1427801
Thermal energy and heated mass P1428500
Measurement of the mixing temperature P1428600

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