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Determination of the earth's magnetic field

Determination of the earth's magnetic field

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A constant magnetic field, its magnitude and direction known, is superimposed on the unknown earth magnetic field. The earth-magnetic field can then be calculated from the magnitude and direction of the resulting flux density.


  • Particularly homogeneous magnetic field and high flux density due to large Helmholtz coil diameter
  • Setup with precalibrated teslameter does not require additional magnets and coils for calibration


  1. The magnetic flux of a pair of Helmholtz coils is to be determined and plotted graphically as a function of the coil current. The Helmholtz system calibration factor is calculated from the slope of the line.
  2. The horizontal component of the earth-magnetic field is determined through superimposition of the Helmholtz field.
  3. The angle of inclination must be determined in order to calculate the vertical component of the earth-magnetic field.

What you can learn about

  • Magnetic inclination and declination
  • Isoclinic lines
  • Isogenic lines
  • Inclinometer
  • Magnetic flow density
  • Helmholtz coils

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