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Determination of the wavelength by grid diffraction

Determination of the wavelength by grid diffraction

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The main objective of these experiments is to practise finding wavelengths on the basis of diffraction from optical transmission gratings.
Furthermore, they will help students to gain an understanding of the magnitude of wavelengths in the visible part of the spectrum and to realise that it is often necessary to allow a considerable tolerance when determining the wavelength of filter light, unless it is possible to use costly special filters for defined wavelengths.


  • Multifunctional light box - All-in-one: Can be used for geometric optics on the table, colour mixing and on an optical bench
  • Extension with others sets at anytime, no additional light sources needed, recognition value for students


Using diffraction from a transmission grating, find out the critical wavelengths for the colours of the visible spectrum and the transmission range for the red, the blue and the green filter.

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