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Diaphragm holder, attachable

Diaphragm holder, attachable

Item no.: 11604-09

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For student experiments with the support optical bench. For rotating attachment of diaphragms, filters, etc.

Equipment and technical data

  • With line marks.
Experiment Item no.
TESS advanced Physics set Optics / Atomic physics, OA 13286-88
Student set Optics 2, TESS advanced Physics 15277-88
The pinhole camera P1067500
Luminous intensity (photometer) P1067600
Determining the focal length of a convex lens P1068300
Pincushion an barrel distortion P1068700
The structure of a microscope P1068900
Determining the magnification of a microscope P1069000
The camera P1069400
The depth of focus of a camera P1069500
The slide projector P1069600
Diffraction at a grid P1069700
Determination of the wavelength by grid diffraction P1069800
Polarisation with filters P1069900
Rotation of the polarisation plane with a sugar solution P1070000
Fresnel's double mirror experiment P1195000
Fresnel's biprism experiment P1195100
Young's double slit experiment P1195200
Diffraction at an edge P1195400
Diffraction at a slit P1195500
Diffraction at a narrow obstacle (line) - Babinet's princip-le P1195600
Diffraction at a double slit P1195700
Diffraction at multiple slits P1195800
Diffraction at a grating P1195900
Determination of the wavelength by grid diffraction P1196000
Coherence condition P1196100
Diffraction at a crossed grating P1196200
Diffraction at circular apertures P1196300
Diffraction at a system of circular apertures of equal size P1196400
Resolving power of optical devices P1196500
Resolving power of the microscope P1196600
Spectral resolving power of a grating P1196700
Polarisation by filters P1196800
Polarisation by strain double refraction (birefringence) P1196900
Chromatic polarisation P1197000
Polarisation by reflection P1197100
Polarisation by refraction P1197200
Polarisation by dispersion P1197300
Brewster's law P1197600
Rotation of the polarisation plane in a sugar solution P1197700
Determination of the plane of oscillation of a polarised la-ser beam - Malus' law P1412401
Why is the sky blue? P1415001
What does the spectrum of a light-emitting diode (LED) looklike? P1415101
What does the LED spectrum look like with a transmissiongrating? P1415401
What is the groove spacing on a CD? P1416201
What can one learn from diffraction patterns? P1416301
How is light attenuated when it passes through matter? P1417201
When does a substance fluoresce? P1417301
How is light attenuated by liquids? P1417401
When is a light-emitting diode a receiver? P1418401
How does the intensity of light decrease a function of thedistance? P1418801
What does the photoelectric current of a solar cell dependon? P1418901
At which wavelength does an LED emit light? P1419201
How does light oscillate? P1419601
How can light be "distorted"? P1419701
Determination of the focal len P1410403
Determination of the focal lengths of divergent lenses and P1410503
Real images at a convergent le P1435803
The pinhole camera P1435003
The Microscope P1436203
DEMO advanced physics set: Diffraction and interference on t 15565-88
DEMO advanced physics set: Geometrical Optics on the optica 15560-88
The magnifying glass P1068800
Coherence and width of spectral lines with the Michelson interferometer P2220601
Student set Optics / Atomic physics, TESS advanced Physics 15350-88
Dispersion of white light into its spectral colours (on theoptical bench) P1436303

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