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  • Digital stop watch, 24 h, 1/100 s and 1 s
  • Digital stop watch, 24 h, 1/100 s and 1 s
Digital stop watch, 24 h, 1/100 s and 1 s Digital stop watch, 24 h, 1/100 s and 1 s

Digital stop watch, 24 h, 1/100 s and 1 s

Item no.: 24025-00

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Function and Applications

Digital stop watch and clock with 6-digit LCD and 3 operation buttons


  • Mode: clock/stop watch- Start, stop, split are selected by use of separate buttons
  • Battery included: button cell SR 41
  • Start / Stop / Reset- Addition / Split / Dual measurement

Equipment and tecnical Data:

  • Measurement ranges: Minute / Second / 1/100 Second and Hour / Minute / Second
  • Resolutions: 1/100 s- 1 s
  • Displays:- 59 Min. 59 s 99 1/100 s- 23 h 59 Min. 59 s
  • Dimensions (mm) H × W × D:62 × 52 × 15
  • Mass: 32 g
  • Battery life time: 2 years
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