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Digital multimeter, auto range, NiCr-Ni thermocouple

Digital multimeter, auto range, NiCr-Ni thermocouple

Item no.: 07123-00

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Function and Applications

Hand-held instrument for measurement of voltages, currents, resistances, capacitance, frequency and temperature with autorange.


With continuity check function and diode test, auto power off, display illumination,°C/°F selection, battery tester, high current adapter and measurement value hold function. Overload protection by diodes and fine fuses for 0.4 A and 20 A.

Equipment and technical data

Plastic housing with rubber frame and 4 mm safety sockets. Thermo couple socket type K.3 3/4-digit LC-display: 38 mm Voltage:0...0.4/4/40/400/1000 V DC0...4/40/400/700 V AC Current AC/DC: 0...0.4/4/40/400 mA0...4/20 A With high current adaptor:0...400 A AC/DC Resistance: 0...400 Ohm0...4/40/400 kOhm/4/40 MOhm Capacitance:0...40/400 nF/4/40/100 µF Temperature: -20...760°C Frequency:0...5/50/500 Hz/5/50/500/5000 kHz Impedance: 10 MOhm Dimensions (mm): 92 × 195 × 38 Mass: 380 g Including test leads, 9 V battery block, NiCr-Ni thermo couple type K and manual.

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