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Duane-Hunt displacement law

Duane-Hunt displacement law

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X-ray spectra of an X-ray tube are measured in an energy dispersive manner with a semiconductor detector and with various anode voltages. Duane and Hunt's  law of displacement is verified with the aid of the maximum energy of the bremsspectrum.


  1. Recording of the X-ray spectrum that is emitted by the copper anode for various anode voltages Ua.
  2. Calculation of the minimum wavelength of the photons based on the maximum energy of the bremsspectrums.
  3. Graphical representation of the relationship between the anode voltage and the minimum wavelength of the bremsspectrum.

What you can learn about

  • Bremsstrahlung
  • Characteristic X-radiation
  • Energy levels
  • Photo energy
  • Semiconductor detectors
  • Multichannel analysers

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