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Cubeta de electroforesis horizontal

Cubeta de electroforesis horizontal

Item no.: KLA-530-200

Schlüter Biologie
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Function and Applications

For carrying out agarose gel electrophoresis using the "submerged technique" with the aim of separating nucleic acids.


  • The gel is poured into the UV transparent chamber - no additional accessories necessary
  • A comb is used to form pockets for applying the sample
  • The current circuit cannot be connected until the safety hood has been placed in position
  • Touch-safe

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Buffer chamber and safety lid made of transparent plexiglas
  • Safety cover with integrated electrical connection
  • UV-transparent gel tablet
  • Electrodes made of durable platinum wire
  • Gel size: 10 cm x 10 cm
  • 2 combs with 12 teeth each for running 24 samples simultaneously
  • Detailed operating instructions

Necessary equipment

Electrophoresis power supply (order no. 65966-93)


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