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Electroscope, Kolbe type, Electrometer

Electroscope, Kolbe type, Electrometer

Item no.: 07120-00

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Function and Applications

High sensitivity, particularly suited for friction electricity experiments as well as for use with ionisation chamber (07158.88) to indicate direct and alternating voltages.

Equipment and technical data

  • Pointer on needle bearing, can be stopped at zero position.
  • Metallic casing.
  • Glass front and backside to allow projection.
  • Cellon scale.
  • Connecting head with longitudinal and cross hole for 4 mm plug pin.
  • 4 mm socket for earthing of casing.
  • Voltage: up to approx. 1500 V-
  • Dimensions (mm): 100 × 50 × 140.

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