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Erlenmeyer flask, stopper bed, 100 ml

Erlenmeyer flask, stopper bed, 100 ml

Item no.: MAU-EK17082301

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Erlenmeyer flask with stopper bed SB 29


Equipment and Technical data:


  • Content: 100 ml
  • Graduated
  • Material: Boro
Experiment Item no.
Student set Water, TESS beginner Sciences 15233-88
Student set General Chemistry, TESS advanced Chemistry 15300-88
Student set Inorganic chemistry, TESS advanced Chemistry 15301-88
DEMO advanced Physics Set Heat 15530-88
Student set Heat 1, TESS advanced Physics 15274-88
Thermal equilibrium P1042200
Thermal equilibrium with measureAPP P1042268
Thermal equilibrium with Cobra SMARTsense P1042269
Expansion of liquids and gases P1042500
Expansion coefficient of liquids P1042600
Expansion of air at constant pressure P1042700
Expansion of air at constant volume P1042800
Linear expansion of metals P1042900
Temperature of mixed liquids P1044000
Heat capacity of the calorimeter P1044100
Heat of evaporation of water P1044800
Heat of condensation of water P1044900
Distillation P1045000
Evaporation P1045100
Evaporation P1045160
Evaporation with measureAPP P1045168
Evaporation with Cobra SMARTsense P1045169
Boiling point elevation P1045400
Volume expansion of liquids P1291300
Linear expansion of solid bodies P1291500
Volume expansion of gases at constant pressure P1291600
Pressure increase during the heating of gases with constantvolume P1291700
Heat conduction in solid bodies P1291900
Gay-Lussac's law P1292400
Charles's (Amontons') law and Gay-Lussac's law P1292500
Properties of matter - boiling point P7150300
Mixture separation - extraction P7151000
Properties of oxygen P7153500
Carbon dioxide, preparation and properties P7153900
Model of a fire extinguisher P7154000

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