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Experimental confirmation: Henderson-Hasselbalch with Cobra4

Experimental confirmation: Henderson-Hasselbalch with Cobra4

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The Henderson-Hasselbalch equation describes the relationship between a pH-value and the state of equilibrium of an acid-base reaction, it is derived from the protolysis equilibrium of weak electrolytes. The Henderson-Hasselbalch is especially useful to estimate the pH of a buffer solution. To produce a buffer solution of a certain pH-value, one can calculate the needed amount of the conjugate base (or acid).

In this experiment students prepare an acetate buffer with a pH of 5 and calculate the required amount of sodium acetate trihydrate beforehand, using the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation.



  • Experiment literature available for pupils and teachers: Minimum preparation time
  • Simple teaching and efficient learning by using the available interactive experiment literature


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