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Falling sphere apparatus

Falling sphere apparatus

Item no.: 02502-88

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Function and technical data

Determination of the gravitational acceleration of the earth with great precision.


  • The exclusively mechanical retention of the falling body allows to avoid mistakes caused by residual magnetism from electromagnetic retention systems for precision measurements of the falling times of a free falling ball.
  • Release unit with ball for timely defined local release of suited bodies, e.g. balls, falling rods,etc.
  • Impact switch release and impacts witch are fixed to a support by means of clamps.
  • This allows to determine the falling trajectory arbitrarily.

Equipment and technical data:

  • Release unit with ball
  • Impact switch


Device Name Item no. Qty
Release unit 02502-00 1,00
Impact switch 02503-00 1,00
Experiment Item no.
Free fall with Cobra4 P2130760

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