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Franck-Hertz experiment with a Hg-tube

Franck-Hertz experiment with a Hg-tube

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Electrons are accelerated in a tube filled with mercury vapour. The excitation energy of mercury is determined from the distance between the equidistant minima of the electron current in a variable opposing electric field.


  • Experience the essence of the Nobel Price: Franck, Hertz (1925)
  • Classical Version with Mercury (Hg) 
  • One operating unit for 2 experiments (Hg, Ne)
  • Precise determination of electron excitation energy of Hg
  • Direct connection to computer, no extra interface necessary


  1. To record the countercurrent strength Ι in a Franck-Hertz tube as a function of the anode voltage U.
  2. To determine the excitation energy E from the positions of the current strength minima or maxima by difference formation.

What you can learn about

  • Energy quantum
  • Electron collision
  • Excitation energy

Software included. Computer not provided.

Franck-Hertz Hg-Tube

Franck-Hertz Hg-Tube

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