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Gas separation column

Gas separation column

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Enables a didactic gaschromatograph to be set up for low temperature ranges up to 100°C. Thegas separation column is suitable todemonstrate the principle of gaschromatography separations at roomtemperature (separating agent: Dinonylphthalate on kieselguhr; carrier gas:hydrogen or helium).By inserting the gas separation columnin the glass jacket, it can be temperedin the range between 10 and 100 °C.With the aid of a measuring probe, acontrol unit and an interface system (ora Yt-recorder) the composition of gas orliquid mixtures can be investigated andrecorded using a gas chromatograph.Technical data:. Total length of the insert: 310 mm. Length of the separation column(spiral shaped): approx. 1.3 m. Outer diameter of the glass cylinder:36 mm. Length of the connection tube: 55 mm. Outer diameter of the connection tube:8 mm

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