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GelGreen® Agarose Tabs™, 15 3-in-1 agarose tablets

GelGreen® Agarose Tabs™, 15 3-in-1 agarose tablets

Item no.: 35018-61

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Perfect for DNA and RNA analysis with the blueGel™ Gel Electrophoresis System!

Function and Application
The agarose tablets make gel pouring child's play. Each tablet contains enough agarose, TBE and GelGreen® fluorescent dye to produce 20 ml of a 2% or 40 ml of a 1% gel. No weighing, no additional pipetting, simply add distilled water, boil briefly, done.


  • Simple: each tablet contains agarose, TBE and GelGreen®; ideal for experiments with the blueGel™ gel electrophoresis chamber.
  • No refrigeration required: tablets can be kept at room temperature for at least two years
  • Fast: Only put a tablet in distilled water and boil


Equipment and Technical Data

  • 15x tablets
  • Each tablet contains 0.4 g agarose, TBE-salt and GelGreen® fluorescent dye



  • Prepare with distilled water.
  • Stable for at least two years at room temperature.
  • Store in the outer packaging, protected from light.



Please note: To comply with EU regulation 1272/2008 CLP, PHYWE does not sell any chemicals to the general public. We only accept orders from resellers, professional users and research, study and educational institutions.


Video Gel giessen

Video Gel giessen

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