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Glycerol, 250 ml

Glycerol, 250 ml

Item no.: 30084-25

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  • Glycerol
  • CAS-Nummer: 56-81-5
  • Signalword: no
  • Hazard Class: no


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Experiment Item no.
The cracking of petroleum P7171300
Electrolysis of water P1028200
Linear expansion of metals P1042900
Heating of various liquids P1043860
Heat of condensation of water P1044900
Distillation P1045000
Boiling point elevation P1045400
Hydrogen in the redox series: normal hydrogen electrode P1148400
Detection of quinine in tonic water P1259800
Linear expansion of solid bodies P1291500
Volume expansion of gases at constant pressure P1291600
Pressure increase during the heating of gases with constantvolume P1291700
Hydrostatic pressure P1296800
Model experiment on the desulphurisation of flue gas P1310000
Determination of the volume of gases P1420100
Measurement of the hydrostatic pressure with a pressure element P1423100
Hydrostatic pressure measurement P1423200
Distillation P1428300
Density of liquids P2140100
Viscosity of Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids (rotary viscometer) P2140300
Thermal expansion in solids and liquids P2310100
Boiling point elevation - Raoult's law P3021001
Boiling point elevation - Raoult's law with Cobra4 P3021060
Determination of the heating value of fuel oil and of the calorific value of olive oil P3021701
Determination of molar masses via a measurement of the boiling point elevation (ebullioscopy) P3021900
Boiling point diagram of a binary mixture P3030401
Combustion of ammonia to produce nitrogen dioxide - Ostwald process P3110300
Reduction of copper oxide P7154400
Water, an oxide P7155400
Degradation of water by reducing agents P7155500
Synthesis of water P7155600
Preparation and properties of sulphuric acid P7158200
Preparation and properties of carbonic acid P7158300
Ammonia- comparison of gas and aqueous solutions P7158750
Aqueous solubility of ammonia P7158800
Thermal decomposition of salts P7159900
The detection of carbon by oxidation P7170200
The characterisation of methane P7170700
The characterisation of ethylene P7171000
The characterisation of ethine (acetylene) P7171100
Oil fields P7171200
Alcoholic fermentation P7171600
Prodution of methanol "wood spirit" P7171700
Polyhydric alcohols P7172200
The characterisation of acetone P7172500
The characterisation of acetic acid "wood vinegar" P7172700
Esters of acetic acid P7173000
Esters of various alkane acids P7173100
Constituents of polymers (1): The thermal decomposition/oxidtion of polymers P7180000
Step-growth polymerisation (1): The formation of polyamide P7181200
Examination of the exhaled air P8013300
TESS advanced Heat 1 consumables for 10 groups 13456-88
TESS advanced Biology consumables for 10 groups 13487-88
DEMO advanced Mechanics 1 necessary acessories 15510-01
DEMO advanced Heat necessay acessories 15530-01
Che-exp.,compl.chemicals, 6 sets 30580-66
Che-exp.,compl.chemicals, 16 sets 30580-77
Che-exp.,compl.chemicals, 10 sets 30580-88
Chemicals for demo experiments chemistry, complete set 30590-88
Exp.chem.demo,chemicals suppl. 30591-88
Exp.chem.demo,basic chemicals 30592-88
Volume expansion of liquids P1291300
Chemical process: synthesis and analysis P1131701
Index of refraction, dipersion, and resolving power of a prism spectroscope P2210500
Heating of various liquids with Cobra SMARTsense P1043869
TESS advanced General Chemistry, consumables and chemicals for 10 groups 13300-10
TESS advanced Inorganic Chemistry, consumables and chemicals for 10 groups 13301-10
TESS advanced Organic Chemistry, consumables and chemicals for 10 groups 13438-88
TESS advanced Chemistry of polymers, consumables and chemicals for 10 groups 13483-88
TESS advanced Chemistry Acids, Bases, Salts, consumables and chemicals for 10 groups 13436-88
Determination of the microbial count P4140400
TESS advanced Mechanics 2 consumables for 10 groups 13451-88
Student set Optics 1, consumables for 10 groups, TESS advanced Physics 13461-88
Joined vessels P1001700
Hydrostatic pressure P1001800
Finding the density of immiscible liquids P1002300
Boyle-Mariotte law P1002500
Pumps and siphons P1002600
Expansion of liquids and gases P1042500
Expansion coefficient of liquids P1042600
Expansion of air at constant pressure P1042700
Expansion of air at constant volume P1042800
Absorption of thermal radiation P1043500
Heating various liquids P1043800
Heating of various liquids with measureAPP P1043868
Conversion of mechanical energy into internal energy P1044400
Density determination by measuring buoyancy P1297300
Determination of the heat of formation for CO2 and CO (Hess' law) P3021601
Hess's law with Cobra4 P3021661
Mode of operation of an aeration tank (sewage treatmentplant) P7155000
Alco test-tubes P7171800
Measurement of respiratory volume P9152000

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