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Heat pump, compressor principle

Heat pump, compressor principle

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Function and Applications

To demonstrate the function of an electric compression heat pump. Symmetrical design to show that refrigerator and heat pump are based on the same principle.

Protected against operating mistakes through thermostat controlled expansion valve and pressure protection switch for over and underpressure.

Equipment and technical data:

  • Observation of the cycle through 2 looking glasses in which the liquidgas phase transitions are visible.
  • 4 temperature measuring points situated respectively before and after the heat exchangers
  • 2 manometer gauges
  • Two insulated water containers as heatreservoirs to determine the amounts of absorbed or released energy.
  • Back wall of the casing can be removed in order to examine the layout of the pipes in detail.
  • Working material R 134a
  • Pressostates: high pressure side 1.5 MPa and low pressure side 0.2 MPa
  • throttle valve thermostatic control
  • mains connection 230 V/50.60 Hz.
  • Further voltage connections on request: nominal power 120W
  • performance number approx. 2.2 (at?T = 20 °C)
  • casing dimensions (mm)750×50×630

Standard accessories:

  • 2 insulated water containers, 5 l with draining tap to determine the amounts of energy absorbed or released by the heat pump

Recommended accessories:

for temperature measurement:

  • digitalthermometer 4-2

temperature probe

  • immersion type (4×)

for power measurement:

  • work and powermeter.
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