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Hermophrodite flowers

Hermophrodite flowers

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While many plants present especially in spring and summer magnificent flowers, the flowers of the birch family are rather inconspicuous. On its branches can be found hanging, male flowers, called catkins, which carry the pollen. The look of the female flowers varies in the different genera. All species in the birch family are monoecious, meaning they have single-sex flowers, with male and female flowers occurring on one plant. To the birch family belong amongst the birch trees also the alders and the hazel plants.


  •  Experiment is part of a complete solution set with a total of 44 experiments for botany, reproduction, soil, food and digestion, senses, physiology.
  • With student worksheet, appropriate for all class levels.
  • With detailed instructor information.
  • Optimized for tight schedules, i.e. minimum preparation time required.
  • Biology solution set specifically designed to include all required accessories.


Study whether the flowers of the hazel bush are also hermaphrodites.


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