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Holder for Cobra4, magn.

Holder for Cobra4, magn.

Item no.: 02161-10

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Function and Applications

Mounting Cobra4 Devices incl. Sensors on the physics demo board.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Metal mount, varnished
  • Magnet foil on the back side
Experiment Item no.
DEMO advanced Physics Set Heat 15530-88
Distillation - determination ofthe alcohol content of wine P1308962
Conversion of light into motion with a solar cell P9501160
Conversion of thermal energy into electrical energy and motion P9501260
Conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy P9501360
Conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa P9501460
Voltage and current of a solar cell - Influence of surface area and lighting P9502160
Voltage and current in a series and parallel connection of solar cells P9502260
Operating a LED with solar energy P9502360
The solar cell as a diode P9502460
Storage of electrical energy of a solar cell with the aid of an accumulator P9502560
Storage of the electric energy from a solar cell with theaid of capacitor P9502660
The characteristic current-voltage curves of a solar cell P9502760
Influence of the surface on the absorption of solar energy P9503160
The greenhouse effect P9503260
Heating water in a solar collector P9503360
Generation of hydrogen and oxygen and the characteristiccurve of a PEM electrolyseur P9504160
Faraday efficiency and energetic efficiency of a PEMelectrolyser P9504260
Current-voltage characteristic and power of a PEM fuel cell P9504560
Efficiency of an electrolyseur-fuel cell-system P9504760
Electrical energy from wind energy - Influence of wind speed, wind direction and load P9505160
Influence of number of rotor blades P9505260
Storage of electric energy from wind energy with an accumulator P9505360
Storage of the electric energy won from wind energy in a capacitor P9505460
Current-voltage characteristic of a wind wheel P9505560
Running water driving a generator - determination of the power P9506360
Peltier effect: Cooling engine P9507160
Peltier effect: Heat pump P9507260
Pilot experiment for the use of ambient heat with the help o the peltier heat pump P9507360
Heating water using a parabolic trough P9508160
Model of a field of a parabolic troughs P9508260
Faraday efficiency and energetic efficiency of a PEM fuel cell P9504660
Volume expansion of liquids P1291300
Preparing a thermometer scale P1291400
Volume expansion of gases at constant pressure P1291600
Pressure increase during the heating of gases with constantvolume P1291700
Heat conduction in solid bodies P1291900
Anomaly of water P1427000
Absorption of thermal radiation through black and white bodies P1427801
Melting of ice P1427900
Thermal energy and heated mass P1428500
Measurement of the mixing temperature P1428600
Specific heat capacity of solids P1428901
Thermal conduction in water P1429400
Cobra4 extension set for renewable energy: electric parameters, temperature 15608-88

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