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Hooke's law

Hooke's law

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The validity of Hooke's law is determined for two helical springs with different spring constants. The elongation of the helical spring, which depends on the deforming force, is studied by means of the weights of masses. For comparison, a rubber band, for which no proportionality exists between the exerted force and the resulting elongation, is submitted to the same forces.


  • The law that governs the elongation of springs
  • Determine the magnitude that describes the main characteristics of a spring
  • Discover the main difference in the behaviour of springs and rubber bands


  1. Determining the spring constants of helical springs.
  2. Study of the elongation of a rubberband.

What you can learn about

  • Hooke's law
  • Spring constant
  • Limit of elasticity
  • Elastic hysteresis
  • Elastic after-effect

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