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How does light oscillate?

How does light oscillate?

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If the light is reflected by a glass pane it is polarised i.e. the degrees of freedom of the vibration are restricted and the wave then only vibrates in a single direction. If such polarised light falls onto a polarisation filter only allowing light through in one particular direction of vibration, the intensity of the light is attenuated or even blocked completely.


  • Specified for the requirements of the german final secondary-school examinations
  • Especially for secondary schools
  • Quantum and wave optics in a student experiment


How does light vibrate? Light is an electro-magnetic transverse wave, which means that it vibrates at right angles to the direction of propagation. Determine the dependency on the angle of the transmission of a polarisation filter by means of a photodiode. Determine the relationship between the angle of polarisation and the intensity of the transmitted light.

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