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Impact of the forest type on humidity, temperature and brightness

Impact of the forest type on humidity, temperature and brightness

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Various types of woodland exhibit different sorts of climate data. Temperature, humidity and lighting conditions do not only depend on meteorological factors but also on the nature of the vegetation. The density of the tree canopy determines how much light can penetrate and therefore affects the temperature. The low density of vegetation on a managed highland forestry estate (often beech forests at European latitudes) also affects the movement of winds in the forest, which also affects humidity. In this outdoor experiment, we will be conducting measurements on various types of woodland during the same day and at approximately the same time in order to eliminate meteorological differences as far as possible.


  • Experiment is part of an experiment set with numerous experiments in ecology
  • Universal handheld measurement device can also be used for other measurement parameters relevant in ecology, biology and chemistry
  • Outdoors measurement possible, for mobile use
  • Graphical display of measurement data
  • Data can be saved on SD memory card
  • All data can be transferred onto a computer for data analysis
  • Data analysis software can be freely distributed


  • Measurement of air humidity, air temperature and light intensity in various types of forests

What you can learn about

  • Climate data
  • Vegetation density
  • Forest types
  • Herbaceous layer


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