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Internal conversion in 137m Ba with MCA

Internal conversion in 137m Ba with MCA

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The radiation emitted during the decay of the 137Cs isotope is measured with a scintillation detector and the energyspectrum determined with a pulse height analyzer. The spectrum contains fractions due to a gamma-transition and fractions originating from a characteristic X-ray radiation. The areas of the fractions in question are determined and the conversion factor obtained from them.


  1. Measurement of the g-spectrum of 137Cs using a scintillation detector.
  2. Determination of the conversion factor of the 137mBa excited nucleus.

What you can learn about

  • g-radiation
  • Nuclear transitions
  • Transition probability
  • Duration
  • Metastable states
  • Isotopic spin quantum Numbers
  • Rules governing selection
  • Multipole radiation
  • Isomeric nuclei
  • Photonuclear reaction
  • Conversion electron
  • Characteristic X-ray radiation
  • Scintillation detectors
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