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Joule-Thomson effect

Joule-Thomson effect

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A stream of gas is fed to a throttling point, where the gas (CO2 or N2) undergoes adiabatic expansion. The differences in temperature established between the two sides of the throttle point are measured at various pressures and the Joule-Thomson coefficients of the gases in question are calculated.


  • For both demonstration and student experiments
  • With detailed experiment guide
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  1. Determination of the Joule-Thomson coefficient of CO2.
  2. Determination of the Joule-Thomson coefficient of N2.

What you can learn about

  • Real gas
  • Intrinsic energy
  • Gay-Lussac theory
  • Throttling
  • Van der Waals equation
  • Van der Waals force
  • Inverse Joule-Thomson effect
  • Inversion temperature
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